Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to test Elementary Luna ?

Lately, there is alot of screenshots on elementary luna and it's developments. 

I'm sure loads of fans are itching to get their hands off elementary luna, the most simple, sleek and beautiful operating system that is yet to be released

But you are being warned, do not try it on your personal workstations as any damage/bugs may affect your workstation.

There are two ways to test it:

#1 Transformation script

You will need a clean install of 12.04 Pangolin Precise.

Then, download this script off from here

Make sure the script is executable by 

chmod 777

And then, execute the script via terminal by

Follow the instructions available, you may remove power indicator but the icon theme has been fixed, so you should keep it

The script will actually remove all Ubuntu-related packages such as Firefox, Unity and Libreoffice

It will then add elementary daily ppa's and development ppa's to create a whole new Pantheon Session

After it has complete, enjoy testing, any bugs should be reported to elementary's official launchpad page specifically

#2 Daily builds

You can download the iso from here

Hop it into a CD or USB via unetbootin and you are ready to go !

Final warning: Do not test on your personal workstation

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  1. soo..........
    if i install it, i will lost my unity, and firefox, and libreoffice..?
    that's terrible..

    how to remove it..? and after i remove this, will my app back..?

    please reply on my email