Sunday, April 29, 2012

All hail Typography

From previously posted in journal of elementary site, they are experimenting with the new gtk3 feature of typography

The font Raleway was chosen for the title font to provide a more clean and crisp looking interface

This feature was previously available only for testing from their testing bzr, and the outcome was amazing, a sleek yet minimal look window 

(Ubuntu should take advantage of this to sexified their UI as well)

From the recent update, looks like it has hit elementary daily ppa and here is the result

The new typography will only show up on elementary apps, however, Marlin are still with the same old look

Might be a bug

Nevertheless, well done elementary ! Things are getting sexier day by day


  1. Looks awesome. Other distros devs should do like Elementary and make their products perfect instead of adding more and more useless features (just look at the number of lenses in Ubuntu) and bloating the OS and the user experience !

    And, btw, this blog is amazing. Thank you.

  2. Im guessing it is intergrated with granite.

    Actually, Ubuntu with their unity lenses focus on a certain group of users which, though not very polished right now, it may in the future :)

    thanks :D

  3. Speaking about user experience... The dock should act like the launcher in Ubuntu 12.04. A.k.a it shouldn't hide. Who used auto taskbar hide in Windows XP? No one because it sucked, and it did in Ubuntu 11 as well.