Tuesday, May 1, 2012

eGTK 3.1 released

Another small release which fixes some of the following:

Mutter Support - this is the initial release which supports Mutter Window Manager, where Mutter users will obtain smooth anti-aliased window borders. Implementing dark theme for apps is in early plans

Popover fixes - Gives a sleeker and smoother borders which looks great on light or dark background with slight transparency and soft gradient

Text header styles - a new text header styles which uses Raleway font as the title

Content View Window - Improvised content view window that is found in Granite

Other fixes - 

fixed text for :backdrop widgets:
:backdrop styling for Noise statusbar
refined style for bottom toolbar
refined style for Noise album view window
grips on pane handles
and more ~

Get the new version from here or from their ppa which will be rolled out soon. Submit your bug reports at here

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