Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gala Window Manager

Here is the video of the new Mutter based window manager which at the moment called Gala 

This window manager has been rolled out in the bzr branch which you can see from here:


However, it is still not stable enough to be tested as it crashes when you switch workspace

Would elementary use this window manager in replace of Compiz ?

Stay tune 


  1. Replies
    1. Nowhere, exposé is only available for Mac OSX.

      If however you meant the Compiz Plugin, then it's called Expo...

    2. Umm... the compiz plugin is called Scale. The Expo compiz plugin shows the workspaces.

      And btw I'm also curios if there is a compiz Expo and compiz Scale like behaviour in Gala, and if there is, how?

      ps: If there are, then all I would need is wobbly windows to decide to move to Gala. XD (and even then I would probably miss compiz plugins like Window Rules etc. ... I am really in love with compiz.)

  2. how can i get this on virtualbox?

  3. If you're on elementary Luna just install the package gala from the Software Center