Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pantheon Files

Pantheon Files - Files is a simple, powerful, sexy file manager for the Pantheon desktop

Might be a new file manager which will replace Marlin ?


  1. Well, considering that Marlin is not for elementary/pantheon-only, and that software names must be close to what they are used for, it might just be a fork from Marlin which will be dedicated to elementary !

    Anyway it's great news to see that elementary developpement is sooo active.

  2. This is a fork from Marlin because the original developer would not let the eTeam have the code for the original. As far as I know this will be the file manager that will replace Marlin either this round or Luna+1

  3. What do you mean ? That the eTeam can't change Marlin the way they want to, and so they need to fork it ? The release will depend on the amount of changes indeed. I hope it will be for Luna, without postponing its release though. Because the "when it's ready" can't become "in lot of time" if you always want to improve...