Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scratch 1.1 is here

Scratch 1.1 codename Illiad has been released to the public !
Loads of new features has been added since it was first developed

- Plugin system which enables developers to write for Scratch in an easy way
- Default plugins which is available, Bash Shell, Contractor, File Manager and Pastebin
- New preference window which you can adjust Scratch to suit you
- Auto save feature when there is a change in the file

and more !

Though Scratch may look simple, it can do almost anything that other text editor does, but for users who search for more features, Geany will be their option instead

Scratch is still in it's early way to be compared to Geany but Scratch is sufficient for any minimal user 

If you feel that maximized is not enough, try full screen, bringing Scratch as the only focus and free from any other distraction 

Scratch can be installed either by ppa from elementary stable ppa (ppa:elementary-os/stable) or the source code from here 

At the time of writing, Scratch is failed to build for both i386 and amd64 @ elementary stable ppa

More info on the changelog, please refer here

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