Sunday, May 20, 2012

What would happen if it is Mutter ?

And yes, it has been proposed in the elementary's blueprint to use Mutter in replace of Compiz

On the other hand, Muffin, Cinnamon Shell Window Manager is being proposed as well. 

From here, a few perspective is being viewed:

Multi-theme support (dark themes)
More stable
Smoother performance
Antialiased corners

More testing is needed
Not much customization as compared to compiz
Less animation possible
No blur effect
Inconsistency with Metacity as fallback

As discussion is being held, what would you think of the switch over Compiz ?

Read the blueprint here


  1. Compiz is not compatible with some old videocards (like my nvidia 7200) since ubuntu 11.04, so I prefer Mutter

  2. All of those effects can also be provided by compiz. Also if Elementary switched to mutter you would lose the Expo and Scale effects not to mention all of the other awsome compiz stuff.

    As far as older hardware goes they should make a lighter weight session. Something like fluxbox with xcompmngr and all of the elementary stuff (Wingpanel Plank Ect.)

    1. Muffin (Linux Mint fork of Mutter for their Cinnamon Shell) already has Expo and Scale, and I believe there is a lot of great new things to come in the next months.

  3. I really hope the're switching to mutter, it's so better that the old and taky compiz... And scale is set by default

  4. what about resource usage compared with compiz?

    1. It might be slightly lower than compiz, but compiz is a huge in resource if loads of plugins is enabled

  5. Initially I thought Mutter was too restricted in terms of effects but after seeing Muffin and I'm starting to like it.
    IF ONLY, they could add the wobbly windows and the Magic lamp effect and allow for customization of effects and behaviors such as how to switch desktops, it would be almost perfect for me.

  6. 1. I've been following this blog for a few weeks and love it. Keep up the good work.

    2. I think elementary should wait for luna+1 with using mutter or muffin in replace of compiz, because they don't have as many features yet.

    1. 1. thanks :)

      2. And yet, loads of testing could be done before pushing it out on a stable release. But in the mean time, compiz support in the older hardware are deprecated, and it's a resource hog when loads of plugin is being enabled

  7. Compiz is kinda bad, effects lag, and it makes gaming impossible.