Friday, June 8, 2012

Gala new tab switcher

Here is a video showing Gala with new Alt + Tab switcher

Looks better than the static tab switcher


  1. Looks innovative. I like it.

  2. nice.. its also nice to have an icon of an application appearing in the middle...

  3. I would be interested to know what exactly is Gala and how it relates to Mutter. Is it a fork like Muffin or does it depend on Mutter? Are the effects from Mutter or are they all written for Gala in Vala or something? How it differs from Mutter and Muffin in terms of features and so on.

    I find it awesome that Elementary now controls just about every part of the user experience and I can't wait for what is coming next.

    1. "Gala is a window manager built on top of libMutter. It is not a fork of Mutter or GNOME Shell itself. This allows us to build a Window Manager and Shell that uses our design language, default shortcuts, and custom animations that would not align with GNOME's goals of a window manager for GNOME Shell." - DanRabbit, answer taken from this question: