Friday, June 22, 2012

Midori + Granite

Have you ever wonder if Midori will be sexified one day ?

Take a look at this video below

From the video, it is a new and latest build of midori-granite from Midori Development PPA.

It is still in early stage where tab closing is not possible and title bar were missing when being maximized.

Which one would you prefer ?



Thoughts ?


  1. i thought its the default where i cant see the close button.. and am happy its not :)
    i just brought back to life my minimize button yesterday while using this daily build and i bady needed this minimize button...

    i like the mid-granite tabs yet hopefully there will be a new tab to click on like the side of the open tab just like chrome and firefox.

  2. The granite tabs look nice, but they are way to large for my taste.

  3. IMHO the tabs are just bad implemented. They feel out of place.

  4. The tabs imho look awful. They are way too large, and it seems like they do not fit with the elementary theme properly.

  5. These tabs are preliminary; we're working on replacing them with a much better implementation by Tom Beckmann, following this design:

    Here's the merge request, we're just awaiting a final confirmation from xapantu:

  6. And I've just reverted the change on request by Cody Garver till we get the the tabbar sorted out.

  7. New Midori tab close button not working (26.06.2012 version)

  8. I still prefer my theme for firefox :) (upon Dan's mockups, of course).

    Midori doesn't work on my computer, too sluggish, too buggy, too many crashes. So I made this:

    1. Your theme is one of the few reasons why I still use Firefox and prefer it over Chromium. :D