Thursday, July 5, 2012

Expose - When will it land ?

There has been questions about when will Expose being featured in the Gala Window Manager

As we all know, Expose shows all the window which activated with either gesture or key bindings

As we all know previously, Compiz is capable of providing Expose but it was soon being replaced by Gala

Expose in Gala will be implemented by Luna +1 due to some problems/bugs which developers need to solve

As soon as we speak, developers had created a branch called gala-expose which is meant for testing out the Expose feature and it is meant for Luna+1

More info please click here

So in the mean time, Plank will do the trick


  1. I think you mean Scale plugin, not Expo. Expo shows the workspaces and Scale shows the open windows.
    A bit disappointed to hear this though. Hope it becomes stable soon so I can install it on top of Luna b myself

    1. It is Scale plugin in Compiz but in general, it is called as Exposé

  2. I personally hope that when Luna is out the luna-expo branch will become a testing ppa :3

  3. How can i have search on top panel in luna daily build thanks