Thursday, August 9, 2012

eGTK - Dark theme

I'm not sure whether this will land in elementary luna but it does looks great. (Updated: Dan Rabbit confirms that it will not be available for Luna as the whole theme will be rewritten for Luna +1 to comply with the new version of GTK) Especially on Terminal.

Many of you have been asking whether it is ready to be tested, the answer is - still in development. As i noticed, the gradient was a bit different from the current eGTK from the daily ppa. Though, if you wanna get your itchy hands on it, here's how:

sudo apt-get install bzr

bzr branch lp:~tombeckmann/egtk/dark-theme

sudo <insert file manager generic name>

And copy the whole dark-theme folder from your home folder into /usr/share/themes

To avoid having two theme on the same name, I do advice you to change the index.theme file in the folder before copying. 

Happy testing

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