Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gala - Expose has landed

The feature that everyone has been waiting for has landed - Expose in the latest update from elementary daily ppa

From this update, Expose is available in 2 modes, grid or natural

For grid, it arranges your windows in predetermined grid values which is consistent while natural arranges your windows much less consistent

You can set the expose on which corner to be activated from your Switchboard's Desktop Plug

You can install this plug from elementary daily ppa by

sudo apt-get install switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell

To choose from the two modes, you need dconf-editor which can be installed by

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

And navigate to org.pantheon.desktop.gala.behavior and change window overview type from the drop down menu

Incase you found any bugs, please do not hesitate to report them at Gala launchpad

Happy testing !

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  1. What happened to disqus? All the comments are gone. Also you beat Sam Tate to the expose video by around 15 minutes. I just watched it and then it disappeared (he unlisted it). At the bottom of the page I can see "Disqus for A Passionate of Elementary" but that's all.