Friday, June 15, 2012

Beatbox 0.5 and surprises

Few hours ago, Beatbox 0.5 was released fresh from the oven from Beatbox PPA

Here are some changes made:

A new Now Playing view which displays artist's biodata, album and song info, lyrics, as well as list of songs from the album and similar artists tag.

If a video is being selected to be played, Now Playing view will show the video instead of infos

Some other features and improvements are:

- Duplicate remove which scans the library and remove duplication

- Easy translation; almost all of Beatbox is translatable

- Hasty import, much more speedier library import and no pause

- Embedded album art loads faster

- Unity integration, such as quicklist and progress bar

- Volume in equalizer

- Saved/Remembered last view

- Bug fixes on crashes

Another big announcement is that, Victor Eduardo, the previous developer of Beatbox and now the lead developer of Noise will be rejoining into the Beatbox development team to merge Victor's changes from Noise into Beatbox for 0.6. We can anticipate an even awesome music player when Beatbox hits 0.7 !

Changelogs & announcement here.

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